led plant light Heatsink (3)

600W 660w LED Plant Light Heatsink

* The aluminum Channel DOES NOT include any LED strip inside*

LED Grow Light Heatsink bar Size:
Each set of LED Grow Light Profile Weight: 7200g
LED Grow Light Profile Package Included:
6 pieces  led grow light heatsink bar
2 set end bars
1 set driver box fit to Power driver 600W
2 sets 1.5M Pendant kit.
All screws.

IVIN can design, engineer and manufacture  enclosed aluminum box to your specifications and application need.

More Photos:

led plant light Heatsink (1)
led plant light Heatsink (5)
led plant light Heatsink (2)
led plant light Heatsink (4)


Ideal for  making grow lighting commercial horticulture applications.
Optimal for: use as supplementary or sole source lighitng for greenhouses, vertical farms and indoor gardening
grow led light
led plant light
led grow light
led growing light

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