IVIN Engineering Company main focuses:

*LED Light Heatsink design
*LED Light Aluminium Heatsink innovation
*Developing Expanded LED Lighting Heatsink technology
*Production of LED Lighting Heatsink
*High product quality and customer focused service
*Aluminum Lighting Heatsink application development
*Manufacture and supply of  Led Light Heatsink derived products
*Sales and marketing of Led  light heatsink products
*OEM Manufacturing


China  Top Manufacturer of  LED Light Heatsink

We are a  China based LED light heatsink manufacturer producing a wide range of  led light heatsink and Led Aluminum extrusion derived products from our dedicated facility in Foshan city. Offering design and production of led Light heatsink, let our 10 years of experience and proven track record help you develop the optimal quality LED light Heatsink  solution for your application.

Custom LED Light Aluminum Extrusions

We manufacture a range of LED light extrusion based products. For more information about custom LED  lighting extrusion services please click here. CUSTOM LED LIGHTING EXTRUSIONS.

Existing LED Light Heatsink Extrusions

IVIN Engineering is market leader in the manufacturer of led light aluminum extrusions, we have many extrusion moulds. You can Find more information about our Existing led Light Aluminum Extrusions by clicking here. EXISTING LED LIGHTING EXTRUSIONS.

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At IVIN Engineering we pride ourselves on the high standard of  LED light heatsink products we provide and keeping up to date on the latest aluminum extrusion technologies. As an LED lighting extrusion manufacturers we focus on product quality and customer care.

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