Custom Grow Light Heatsink Extrusions

Custom LED Light Aluminum Extrusions

The design, innovation and production of LED light extruded profiles.IVIN Engineering is proud to be a market leading manufacturer of led light aluminum extrusions and custom designed led light aluminum profiles in China.


Here at IVIN Engineering we pride ourselves on keeping pace with the latest LED light extrusion technologies.


Our team of dedicated engineers are on hand to assist and offer advice based upon the latest led aluminum extruded technologies. With an excess of 10years experience behind us and a proven track record in the design of specialist bespoke grow light aluminum extrusions, let us help make your concept a reality. Our in house tooling design and production facility further extends our control over quality and lead-time, enabling us to offer the most competitive reliable service from the outset.


Through extensive and consistent investment in people, plant, equipment and premises, we have built up a huge portfolio of extrusion machinery and extrusion down stream processing equipment. As well as catering for grow light extrusion production our dedicated site offers specialist sub assembly and fabrication services taking your product to the next level.

The Procedure:

1) You send us your drawing or your inquiry (which is also possible via this page)
2) We'll send you our offer, eventually with remarks or suggestions on the profile design
3) If you agree to our offer, we'll send you the final profile drawing (with profile weight, perimeter etc.)
4) You need to approve this profile drawing by sending it back to us (signed with name & date)
5) Based upon this approved drawing, we'll produce the die
6) When the die is ready (2-4 weeks), we'll perform a die trial
7) You'll receive a profile sample which also needs to be approved (it's a dimensional check only)
8) If the profile sample is approved by you, we'll harden the die ...and we're ready for serial production!
Further information

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